Des poèmes contre le harcèlement

Par VIRGINIE CURTET, publié le lundi 23 novembre 2020 17:28 - Mis à jour le lundi 23 novembre 2020 18:00
Dans le cadre de la semaine contre le harcèlement, les élèves de 2nde13 ont écrit des poèmes en anglais.

If you are bullied

You must realize,
That you're bullied,
That you're not ugly,
That you musn't hate yourself.

That's okay to be different.
That's okay to be gay.
That's okay to ask help.
That's okay! It will be okay!

You have to show the bullies you're not scared.
You have to keep your calm.
You have to reply.
Because you, you are powerful!

Be nice with them!
Be surprising!
Be more that what they think you are!
Be the reminder that you're them!


I want to help you so much
But I can't, it is so tough
I m funk and stuck
I want help but I can't

I know you are fed up
But you must resist
I know you are random person
But you have a mind of steel

I know you want to forget it all
But you have to live with it
I hope you friend can help you
But never despair

I m so sorry but I want to help you
I know I am a bastard
I know you can see me
Please understand me, I m paralyzed 


You have to stop bullying

You have to stop hitting because you are in pain

You have to stop insulting because you feel bad

You have to stop making fun, it's not right



Bullying causes suicide

Bullying causes a lack of self-confidence

Bullying causes mental decline

Bullying causes family disputes


By stopping bullying you can save lives

By stopping bullying you can prevent your victims from being lonely

By stopping bullying you can prevent your victims from having sleep disorders

By stopping bullying you can prevent your victims from failing at school


Have confidence in yourself

Talk to your loved ones

If you are a bully do not bully

Bullying will not change your problem.





Wake up


Why are you bullying?

You're forgetting your misery

When you are home, are your parents screaming?

Do you feel lonely?


I know you feel lonely

I know this is not your mentality

I know you want to get helped

Talk to someone who is worried


You can talk to me about your pain

You can become a better person

You know it, right?

Then take back your mind and question yourself


Wake up, you can change

Don't do to people what you wouldn't like to get

Wake up, don't put people down because you feel bad

And be better


You must not belittle others

You must not humiliate others

You don't pick on others

You don't harass others


He must be supported

He should not be depressed

And if you don't like him

He must be humiliated


Or he will feel lonely

He will feel weak

He will feel hopeless

He will feel rejected


Because of this,

You can go to prison

You can be sanctioned

And he can kill himself