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Débats Parallel Histories - les 1eres Euro rencontrent les terminales du Lycée Condorcet

Par THEO COHEN, publié le mardi 31 mai 2022 13:06 - Mis à jour le mardi 31 mai 2022 14:27
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"Have the actions of the British government been the main cause of conflict in Northern Ireland? “ Les élèves de 1ere Euro ont accueilli leurs homologues du Lycée Condorcet pour débattre à partir des ressources Parallel Histories.

Vous trouverez ici le témoignage des élèves…in English, of course !


« To prepare the debates, we studied sources packs designed for us by Parallel Histories. The debate opposed two narratives: the Nationalists/Catholics who believe that yes, the actions of the British government were the cause of conflict in Northern Ireland and the Unionists/Protestants who advocate that no, the actions of the British government weren’t the main cause for conflict. We formed three teams of 5 students each to enable the maximum of us to take part.


The debate took place the 17th May, in “La Salle des Conseils”. As we were waiting the Condorcet High School  we benefited from had a short time to finalize our coordination as teams. Then we each presented our lines of arguments for a 2 minutes speech, always based on at least one evidence from the sources packs.  After that, we had a time of 5 minutes to counter argue and go back on some points where we disagree with our opponents.


It was great to debate with students in their Final Year! We are delighted to get this opportunity to meet with other people and listen to their stand points. In addition, it all took place in a friendly atmosphere!




Merci aux professeurs ayant permis ces riches échanges, dans le respect et la bonne humeur.


Enseignants : C. Vienot (histoire), B. Martin (anglais) et Jack McEnery (assistant irlandais) pour le lycée Condorcet, T. Cohen et Mme Laudarin pour le lycée Faÿs.